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Mexico to Belize Border Crossing at Chetumal / Corozal with Motorcycles

The seven colored lagoon, where we spent our last evening in Mexico before the crossing.

The below describes our experience crossing from Mexico into Belize at Chetumal with two motorcycles on September 28, 2016, and is meant to serve as a resource for other travelers and adventure riders. It should not be understood as the end-all be-all. Every experience will differ, but we hope this makes your own a little more smooth. As always, refer to our Border Crossing Tips post.

For this border, we referenced WikiOverland Belize, Drive the Americas and Along Dusty Roads prior to crossing. Our experience followed this existing information well, though we did not actually have to pay for or complete the fumigation step, and the officials on both sides were very clear communicators so the preparation only reiterated what information we were provided in person. Exiting Mexico

Stop at small one man booth, present documents to official on your left side - receive exit stamp. We did not encounter a line, nor did we encounter the "exit tax" discussion or scam attempt as experienced by Along Dusty Roads and other travelers. Everyone was formal and efficient.

Pull forward about 100 meters to a building on your left, park in the lot, and visit Banjercito. Their windows are on the left wall, clearly labeled. We did not encounter a line. State that you need to cancel your Temporary Import Permit (TIP) for the vehicle, present all documents and receipts. They will process paperwork, go outside to take a picture of your VIN number on the motorcycle, and then confirm that all is settled before you proceed. Our credit-based TIP deposit refunds were processed within 3-4 days, as the Banjercito representative stated when we cancelled the TIP. As mentioned in our US - Mexico post, we lost some money on this, but otherwise there was no cost or major trouble for exiting Mexico. Everyone on our exit was very formal and efficient.

Follow the road, not heading towards fumigation station and continuing until you reach a building on your left - you will see booths next to the covered lanes ahead. Park on the right side along cones or curb and enter the building.

Entering Belize

Enter the building on your left. Just as you enter, an attendant at the desk on your right will provide an entry form. I spoke in Spanish by habit, and the guy laughed and spoke perfect English... it is Belize. To follow through on the humor he provided me with a Spanish entry form. Complete the entry form, the attendant will check that all is correct, and then they will outline all the steps you need to follow at the border. Fumigation was mentioned here as an essential step, but it was not mentioned by the Aduana or any other official... no proof was asked for (on our way into the border, we stopped at fumi first, and were turned away, saying it was only needed for trucks). With entry form and passport, take a few steps forward to the initial contained on your right. Get the entry stamp. Proceed to the next set of open desks behind, to the one on the left, for the Temporary Vehicle Import Permit. Present all documents, answer necessary questions, receive permit. Return to vehicle and drive through covered booths, presenting documents. They may search your luggage or give vehicle a look over. It wasn't thorough for us. About 300 meters ahead, there is a white building labeled Insurance Corporation of Belize. Park, purchase insurance for appropriate time slot, get sticker and paperwork. Then you're good to go! Total Time at Border: 1.25 hours

Overall Rating: Very easy Costs: Belize Motorcycle Permit - About $7.75 (we paid 150 Mexican pesos) Belize Motorcycle Insurance 30 days - About $13.40 (we paid 260 Mexican pesos)

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