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We are a couple of fun loving adventurers. We spend our time creating and exploring and we hope to take you along! 


Kate and Alex met in the spring of 2012 when they happened to share a "Survey of Africa" class at St. Edward's University. Alex was very interested in learning about the region, and Kate's recent experience in East Africa led them into natural conversations. Alex thought that Kate seemed like a fun person to hang out with, so he repeatedly proposed that Kate get on his motorcycle or into his corvette. On a warm spring day in April she finally realized he wasn't such a creepy guy, and accepted his offer. It wasn't long after that they agreed on so many things that they decided to be together. Padi approved, and together they traveled to Chicago, Colorado, Florida, Uganda, and many other places since.



Alexander is a traveler, an athlete, a statesman, and an engineer. Raised at the family business, Alex became an entrepreneur from the start. In elementary school he was catching lizards and selling them to his teachers. By the end of high school he had saved enough to travel the pacific coast from Cabo to Alaska and back; surfing and couch surfing the entire way. After settling down in Santa Fe and working at the local ski resort for 4 years, Alex found himself drawn to higher education. Seven years, four schools, and three degrees later, Alexander holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Texas, a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from St. Edwards University, and an Associate's degree in Political Science from Austin Community College. 


During his educational marathon, Alex spent time rebuilding boats, cars, trucks and motorcycles as a hobby. He would get them for free on craigslist and repair them and sell them just for fun. The academic and mechanical skills he developed during this time allowed him to cheaply and efficiently travel Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean. During his Master's program he traveled to Uganda and taught motorcycle mechanic courses at a youth development center in Gulu. Since graduating in May, he has spent his time finalizing projects for veteran’s mental health policy initiatives, grant writing for international think tanks in the area of technology entrepreneurship, and pursuing any future career or adventure opportunities that ignite his passion. Currently a Dockmaster for Volente Boat Club, you will find him at this 9-5 job repairing boats and boat docks on Lake Travis and Lake Austin. In addition to his mechanical hobbies, Alex spends his free time playing ultimate frisbee, pet sitting, and 3d-printing objects for people on craigslist.


Kate is interested in everything, most especially how it all connects. She particularly likes bungee jumping, listening to stories, and, of course, riding motorcycles. She never lets anyone dance alone and is always ready for an adventure. 


She grew up as the the fifth child of seven in Austin, a shoeless kid tromping around the woods, bounding off trampolines, and reading historical fiction. Her father encouraged an adventurous attitude - pushing her down hills on mountain bikes and upside down in kayaks - while also exampling a logic based demeanor. Her mother instilled a passion for social justice and exemplified human kindness.


In 2011 Kate spent time in Uganda and Rwanda, exploring critiques of the aid industry, falling in love with her homestay families, and gaining a new worldview. Since then, she has become passionate about humanizing global interactions and connecting the control of narratives back to the voices of their subjects -- whether that is conveyed as an educator, through radio segments, as an archivist, or through interactive art and engaging spaces.


For the year of 2014, she lived in Uganda and worked closely with teachers and students across the country - and solidified her comprehension just how important the ability to tell a story- and the process of telling it - is to creating connections and understanding between people in the world.  


She currently spends most of her time teaching (and learning from) 8 - 12 year olds in Space 8, a Maker Lab at the Thinkery. Alongside these inspiring kids, she tinkers with circuits, sewing machines, soldering irons, storytelling, and more...

This is Padi Dog. She is our true spirit animal and the greatest dog ever. She was just the right amount of stubborn and resisted all kinds of training, but she loved everyone she met. Even with teenage-Alex as rebellious as he was, she cut right through his vanity and melted his heart. She taught him how to be a good person, how to love unconditionally, and how to care for anyone and everyone. She changed him in so many good ways that he continues to realize the list gets longer every day. He is eternally grateful and was so lucky to get to raise her. Please give your loved ones and pets a hug for us, every day together is invaluable!

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